Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

We strive to create the most magical and stress free Santa Sessions possible. 


What is the session like?

Every session is a little different based on the age of your child, their abilities, and what they enjoy. We have three types of sessions to choose from. 


Where are you located?

We are located in the Ablemarle Building in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. We are in the ground floor retail space. Our front door is directly across the street from the front side of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium and Walker Theater. 

The address is:
324 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37402


How long is the session?

It depends on the type of session that you choose. Please read the session type descriptions for more information. 


How much time should I plan to be there?

Depending on the session type that you book and how much time you spend on ordering. Some people are in and out the door in 20 minutes flat while others are there an hour and a half. In most cases you should be at the studio for 30 minutes to an hour unless you’ve booked an Itty Bitty Session, then most people are finished in 15-20 minutes. 



How many activities do you do?

We offer a lot of different activities with Santa. Our core activities that we do during most sessions are: Working in Santa’s Workshop, racing cars, flying in the little airplane, riding a rocking horse, showing Santa where they live, reading a book with Santa, getting their name on the Nice (or Naughty – but we’ve never had that happen) list, – and, of course, the standard activities like telling Santa what they want for Christmas.

And, of course, our most popular activity is having Milk and Cookies with Santa (we don’t skip that one unless you ask us to.)

We have lots of other activities that we do as well and we come up with more and more each year. 


Will my child get to do all of the activities?

Absolutely not, hah! I say this because there are so many that you’d be there all day long if we did every activity. We also come up with new activities on the fly sometimes. If there are things you want to make sure we do, please let us know when you fill out your questionnaire. 


Who can I bring?

One set of siblings. Please don’t bring cousins, friends, etc… Each session is for one set of siblings. 


Can you accommodate children with special/individualized needs?

Absolutely! We have little friends who are autistic, seeing impaired, hearing impaired, have Cerebral Palsy,  have Down’s Syndrome, are immunocompromised, have feeding tubes, and have a variety of rare genetic conditions. We are happy to and comfortable with working with children and adults who have any kind of physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional, and sensory impaired disorder.

If you’d like to book a session and need accommodations please contact us first so that we can plan what will be best for your child. 


What ages do you photograph?

We see children of ALL ages! 

We’ve had newborns as young as 3 days old all the way up to adults. 

The activities and experience is based on age and ability. Obviously a newborn isn’t going to work on toys with Santa and an 11 year old isn’t going to want to ride a small child sized airplane. 

While all children are different, you can check out the chart below for a pretty good idea of what to expect.


At this age we focus on getting great photos. 

Depending on their age and ability we do try several fun things with them. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

We focus more on getting great photos of your child with Santa than completing activities.

For newborns, we have a few prop setups and poses we do with Santa. 


Expect us to move quickly.

Most toddlers have a fairly short attention span so moving quickly from activity to activity keeps them from getting bored, hyper focusing, and lessens the chance they will get scared or upset.

We pay attention to body language and generally try to quicky start an activity so that they don’t really have a chance to decide that Santa is scary. Generally, if they come in and just look at him that’s usually when they get nervous or scared. So, we very quickly go straight in to an activity as soon as they walk in to Santa’s workshop.

Sometimes toddlers participate in the activities and enjoy them, others do not.  If they don’t want to do them then we focus more on playing and getting good photos.



We move from activity to activity fairly quickly but at a pace where they can enjoy each one.

We choose age appropriate activities. We will encourage them to try things but they’re welcome to decline to do anything they don’t feel is for them. We won’t force it. 

Many children are comfortable with the full experience at this age and, if they aren’t, we focus on having a good time and getting great photos.

School Aged Children

This is the best age for a truly memorable and magical experience.

We choose age appropriate activities. They’re always welcome to decline any activity they don’t wish to do.

This is the age when our Santa Experience is truly magical. The entire experience is interactive and we capture beautiful photos of what happens during that magical experience. 

We’ll grab one or two “looking at the camera and smiling” photos – but, for the most part, we are capturing their actual experience with Santa. 


Please note that, when you book, you’ll be taken to our Innamorata Photography Website to do it. The dates will show which Santa is there that day and if pets are allowed or not. 





How do I book?

You may book by going here: Innamorata Photography Booking Page





Who can I bring?

You can bring all of your children for the session. If you have more than 3 children we do recommend adding on more time if you’d like for each of them to have one on one time with Santa. 





What if I want to bring all of my grandchildren?

Sessions are for one set of siblings only. If you’d like photos of all of your grandchildren together, we ask that you book back to back sessions for each set of siblings and we’ll squeeze in some photos of all of them together. 

If you have:
1 set of grandchildren book 1 session 
2 sets of grandchildren book 2 sessions
3 Sets of grandchildren book 3 sessions
4 sets of grandchildren book 4 sessions

If you have 2 grandchildren who are not siblings or several grandchildren and only want photos of all of them together with no photos of the individual sibling groups then please contact us so we can discuss that and see if we can fit it in to one session or not. 





Do I need to book a separate session for each child?

No. You can book a separate session for each child if you want to but it’s definitely not required or what most people do. For most families, one session is enough. If you have more than 3 children then you may wish to add a little more time to your session. 




If I book more than one session do I have to buy more than one package?

Yes, each session requires a separate order. If you are a grandparent and have booked multiple sessions so that cousins can be photographed together we will happily add the cousin photos to one of the sessions. We do not expect you to purchase a separate package for that. 





Can we get a family photo?

You can absolutely add on time for a family photo with Santa. You will need to be sure add that when you book your session, we will not likely be able to add it on later because it does add more time to your session so that we can do that. 





Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you may bring WELL BEHAVED pets on certain days. Please look carefully at the schedule before booking to ensure it’s a pet friendly day and please contact us beforehand if you wish to bring more than one or an exotic pet.  





Which Santa should I book/will I get?

We have two wonderful Santa’s. Santa Alan and Santa Brian have both been with us for multiple years. If you’d prefer a specific Santa please be sure to look at the schedule before booking. Please know that, while it is rare and unlikely, there’s always a chance of a Santa emergency that may require us to substitute Santas.  





What if I’m confused about what to book?

Email us! We’re happy to help you! 





Do I have to answer all the questions you sent me?

No, you don’t have to. But, please know that we only ask them so that we can be as prepared as possible when your child(ren) come(s) in. The information is not sold or distributed in any way, they are simply things that help us be prepared. 





What’s included?

Please see the list of package/session options to find out what’s included. We have very thorough descriptions of each type of session and what it includes. 



What to Book

Not sure what kind of session to book? Here are the options and descriptions for each type of session. 



The Itty Bitty

The Itty Bitty Session is for people who want just a few minutes to get some incredible photos with Santa.

The session will include:

– A few minutes of posed photos with Santa

– Santa will give each child a small gift 

– Children may bring their wishlist or a letter for Santa to read later

– Includes 3 digital images




The Santa Experience 

The Full Santa Experience is the experience we’ve been offering for more than a decade with a few new additions. 

It Includes:

– Child(ren) will receive one invitation from Santa in the mail (if booked at least 2 weeks prior to the session, and please note that we have no control over the speed of the mail)

– Your child(ren)s name(s) will be in Santa’s magic book.

– Your child(ren) will do a few age appropriate activities with Santa.

– Santa will give your child(ren) a small gift from him OR one that you’ve provided or have purchased from our special gift list.

– Child(ren) may bring a wishlist or letter to read with Santa.

– Your child(ren) will have Milk & Cookies with Santa.

– Santa will put your child(ren)’s name(s) on the nice list.

– Digital Photo Packages start at $195 (with this package, The Santa Experience, photos/images are not included, you purchase the ones that you want after the session.) 






The Deluxe Santa Experience

The Deluxe Santa Experience is a new offering. It takes our normal Santa Experience a step further to create an even more special and memorable session for your child(ren). 

The Deluxe Santa Experience includes:

– Each child will receive an invitation from Santa in the mail (if booked at least 2 weeks prior to the session, and please note that we have no control over the speed of the mail)

– Child(ren) will spend half an hour with Santa. 

– Santa knows a lot about your child and will ask them about specific things you’d like for him to mention.

– There’s a full page about each of your child(ren) in Santa’s magic book (must book at least 5 days prior to session to ensure we have time to create this). 

– Your child(ren) will do several age appropriate activities with Santa.

– Child(ren) may bring a wishlist or letter to read with Santa.

– Santa will give your child a gift from him (that you’ve provided or have purchased from our special gift list).

– Your child(ren) will have Milk & Cookies with Santa.

– Santa will put your child(ren)’s name(s) on the nice list.

– Santa will mail your child a card or letter after the session.

– Includes 20 high resolution digital images from your session. 







The Session 

We strive to create the most magical Santa Experience that there is! 


What should we wear?

You can wear whatever you’d like, but if you’d like tips on what photographs best please see below (there will be a more thorough clothing guide with your booking confirmation.)

For photographing the best… Wrinkles will show, clothing that shows a lot of wrinkles or wrinkles easily may not be the best choice. Avoiding colors that are neon, super bright, or with loud patterns is suggested. If you’d like more tips please check out the clothing guide after you book. 


Can we get photos without Santa?

If you add on a family photo you may opt to do that with or without Santa. If your child is just too upset to see Santa we may try to get some photos of them without him in them. Otherwise, all photos are with the child(ren) and with Santa. 


Should parents come ready for photos?

If you have an infant, a toddler, a child you are afraid will be scared, or a child with a disability then it’s a good idea to wear something you don’t mind being in photos in. As a last resort, we may need you. 


What happens if my child cries? Screams? Is terrified?

With many years of experience we are very skilled at paying attention to body language, facial cues, and a child’s reactions. We can generally tell the difference between a whimpery cry and a cry based on very real and actual fear, a fear we can help them overcome and one that we aren’t going to be able to help with, a “where did my people go?” and a “I *really* need my caregiver in order to be okay.”

Please try to trust us. I know it can be difficult to trust someone you don’t know well to do what’s best for your child. I absolutely promise you that their wellbeing is our very top priority. We aren’t going to let them get to a point where they’re inconsolable and terrified. 

We generally know when to move on, when to move quickly, when to stop trying something, and when to end the session altogether or bring a parent in because a child isn’t going to get calm without them.

Before your session we will send out a guide filled with tips on things you can do before and during the session to give us the best chance at success. Please take the time to read it, I promise it makes a big difference.


Do you provide a gift?

We do! Your child will receive a small gift from Santa. It is unwrapped and is generally a stuffed animal.

We are offering an upgrade to a nicer (wrapped) gift this year if you’d like to purchase one. 


Do I have to bring a gift?

You don’t have to. A lot of parents will bring a gift that’s on their child’s wish list because it adds to the realism and magic to know that Santa just gave them something they’ve been talking about. The look on their faces is usually priceless but it’s definitely not required. 


Can I bring props?

You’re welcome to bring a book, a blanket, or a toy that’s a favorite of your child’s or something special that you love. We’ve had children bring instruments that they play, a rocking horse their great-grandfather made, and a variety of other special items. We do ask that you not bring more than 1 or 2 things.


Do you provide milk and cookies?

We do! 


What if my child has allergies?

We will have regular milk and water to drink. While we do not purchase cookies with any sort of nuts, we cannot ensure that they aren’t cross contaminated. You are welcome to bring your own milk substitute and/or cookies if you’d like. We do ask that you not bring anything containing nuts as we do have little friends with contact allergies and are a nut-free studio. 

If your child has severe allergies please let us know when you fill out your questionnaire. We will be sure to clean everything as thoroughly as possible and have Santa change gloves prior to your session to minimize any potential risk. 


What if my child doesn’t cooperate at all?

It’s rare, but it happens once or twice a season. We will do our very, very best to get as many photos as we can, put you in the photos with them, sneak Santa in the background, whatever it takes. 


Why do you ask parents to hide/wait in another room? Can I watch?

Children behave very differently when their parents are not around. They know that they can break down in front of you. You are their safe space and that’s a very good thing for them to have. It means you’re doing an amazing job making your child feel safe and secure. However, it doesn’t work out so well when we’re trying to photograph them with Santa. So, we generally ask that you stay out of sight for the session and we’ll let you know if we need you! 

Here’s an article that explain it better than I ever could.


What happens after the session?

After your session we’ll send your children back to you and one of our team members will start sorting your photos. We’ll have things for your children to do, and some helpers, so that you can take the time to look at and order your photos right then. 


Ordering & Delivery

Right after your session is finished you’ll step over to an ordering station where one of our wonderful employees will help you narrow down the photos to the ones that you like then assist you with choosing a package that suits you. 


  • You’ll receive your photos within 5 days (usually less.)
  • All photos are delivered before Christmas (even the ones we take just a few days before.)
  • You can print whatever you’d like for yourself or for gifts.
  • We do offer some specialty products, those can be shipped directly to you for the cost of shipping or you may pick them up . 


  • No high pressure sales. We may try to convince you not to leave out an image we absolutely love, but we aren’t going to trick or pressure you in to buying things you don’t want or need. 
  • Photos are delivered via Dropbox. We send you a download link. You do not need a Dropbox account to download them. 
  • Because we deliver digital images electronically, you don’t have to pay sales tax on digital products.
  • All images are edited before you receive them (the proofs you will see are unedited). 
  • All images are high resolution so that you can print whatever size you’d like. 
  • If you have any problems we are here to help!


Other questions we are often asked. 


Is the booking fee refundable if I have to cancel?

No. The booking fee is non-refundable. The amount you pay for the session covers Santa’s time only. Because we have reserved that time specifically for you, we are unable to refund it because we do still have to pay Santa and our staff to be there. 

However, we will allow you to transfer your session to a friend or family member who can make it during that time. 


What if I have to cancel?

We will do our very best to accommodate you if you have an illness or emergency. We do tend to fully book every year but we want you to be able to enjoy the Santa Experience so we do everything that we can.


Can I reschedule my session?

Typically no. We do try to be as flexible as possible when possible. If you want to move to an earlier date than the one that you booked we can often accommodate that if there are still openings. We cannot move you to a later date than the one you booked. 


What if my child is sick the day of the session?

We definitely don’t want you to bring your sick children in and we will do our best to fit you in on another date if we can. You are also welcome to sell or gift your session to someone else and book one on a later date. 


Where do we park?

We are attempting to work out an agreement with a local business to rent some spots from them. If that does not work out then we will send you parking suggestions based on what’s happening downtown the week of your session so that it won’t be difficult to find a spot. 


Can we move to an earlier date?

If we have spaces available we can move you to an earlier date. We cannot move you to a later date. 


Can I gift someone a session?

Absolutely! But, please know that the email address you book the session with is the one our system sends all of the emails concerning the session to. 


Can you ensure their privacy if I bring a foster child?

Absolutely! We usually have several people bring foster children to see Santa each year. We have an entirely separate folder that their images go in and we discreetly label them with a reminder not to post them online or use them in any advertisements. Also, because we give you a link to a downloadable file you are able to share that with their caseworker so the images can follow them and with their biological family if you so choose. Please be sure to let us know so that we label them appropriately. 


What if we are running late?

We do ask that you please try to be on time. We do understand that things happen. If you can’t get to us on time please reach out as soon as possible. We will do our best to answer and provide instruction. Sometimes we can still fit you in that day, sometimes we can’t, but we try our best. 


What if it’s been more than 5 days and I haven’t received a download link?

Please check your spam folder and, if it isn’t there, call or email us! Sometimes things go to spam, technology fails, or we may make a mistake when sending out emails. Don’t hesitate to let us know! If, for any unforeseeable reason, we are running behind we will email you and let you know. So, if you haven’t received anything from us when you were supposed to please do reach out! 


What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Please check your spam folder, if it isn’t there please let us know ASAP so that we can ensure you receive important emails about your session. 

Have More Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! 

Contact us here!